Our Story

We have a shared belief in the principle that the people whose projects we support should be free to put their own ideas into action. During our visits to Malawi we have met many people with impressive dreams and ambitions who understand their own circumstances and have ideas about how to help people in their community; the only thing holding them back is the opportunity to put those ideas into practice. We volunteer for Nyumba because of our desire to give those people the opportunity to turn their ideas into a reality and through that to help and inspire others.

Please feel free to contact us for futher information.
Michelle Knorr, trustee

e: michelle@houseofgoodhealth.org.uk

Ayisha Hooper, trustee

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Stephen Hooper, trustee

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Shauna Gillan, trustee

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Charlotte Attwood, trustee

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Joel McIlven, trustee

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Sarah McIlven, trustee

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Esther Thompson, volunteer

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Jimmy Kainja, volunteer

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